linux ; systemd-nspawn ; containers ; systemd-networkd


I have a process, a set of steps, I had used to create nspawn containers.

Part of the process and goal was to have the containers with unique IP Addresses.

I have come to learn that systemd-networkd  is not a separate package in Fedora 30.

And for RHEL8, and for my case CentOS8, RedHat

decided to remove it for a couple for reasons,
  * networkd is not mature enough and is somewhat poorly maintained upstream
  * networkd is still missing management interfaces (DBUS interface)
  * RHEL's default network configuration tool is NetworkManager and we didn't want to send mixed signals to users
  * RHEL-8 was supposed to be as small as possible in terms of packages
  * we didn't see too much networkd usage (even experimental) in RHEL-7

see = 

All good as I benefit greatly from all the work that goes into these distros.

I am working on finding a solution.

In the end my goal is to have a host machine that has a number of containers running on unique IP Addresses (IPv4 and IPv6).

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